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Winky D’s ‘Love Quartet’: Lacking the Whelm

Winky D’s latest offering, has ignited a social media frenzy, as expected from the multi-award-winning Zimdancehall musician. “Love Quartet,” comprising four tracks: ‘Dai,’ ‘Shift,’ ‘Iyeye,’ and ‘Akayenda’ featuring Frya. As expected, the release of this album has sparked a frenzy on social
May 13, 2024
Travis Moyo Youth Culture Columnist @reportfocusnews

Rocking Black History Month

The end of black history month is afoot, but we couldn’t go without commemorating some of the black people who changed the game and reached icon status, specifically in the alternative and rock music scene (my favourite!). Starting off strong with Mr.
February 27, 2024
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