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Welcome to Report Focus News, where we value contributions from a diverse range of voices, including freelancers, bloggers, and users who wish to share their content. Below, you’ll find the terms and guidelines that govern these contributions.

A. Acceptance of Terms

When you submit content to Report Focus News, you agree to these terms, effective immediately upon submission.

B. Content Contributions

We accept various forms of contributions including articles, photos, and videos. Please note: Report Focus News does not offer monetary compensation for these submissions.

C. Use of Contributions

We reserve the right to publish, edit, or remove content as needed. Submissions may be edited for clarity and adherence to our standards.

D. Legal and Ethical Standards

Contributors are expected to comply with legal and ethical standards. Ensure your content is original, non-defamatory, and maintains journalistic integrity.

E. Intellectual Property

While you retain copyright of your contributions, you grant Report Focus News a non-exclusive, perpetual right to use the content. All contributions will be appropriately attributed.

F. Termination and Changes

We may revise these terms at any time, with changes effective immediately. Continued submission of content implies acceptance of new terms.

G. Disclaimer

Report Focus News is not liable for any claims related to the publication or non-publication of content.

H. Contact

For questions, please contact us at [editor@reportfocusnews.com].

Guest Post Submission Guidelines

We’re excited to welcome guest posts! If you have a fresh perspective or unique voice, here’s how you can contribute:

  1. Article Requirements: We seek original articles on current events, news, and politics, ranging from 500-800 words.
  2. Include with Your Submission: Please provide a brief bio and headshot.
  3. How to Submit: Send your submission to [editor@reportfocusnews.com] with “Guest Post Submission” as the subject line.

Submission Process

  1. Pitch Your Idea: Send a summary of your article idea, highlighting the main points and its relevance to our audience.
  2. Await Response: We review all pitches and will respond within a week.
  3. Write and Submit: If accepted, follow our style guidelines and include necessary citations.
  4. Review and Publication: Our editorial team will review your article. If accepted, we’ll inform you about the publication date.


Please note, we do not offer compensation for guest posts.


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