Wicknell Chivayo’s Generosity Excludes Shadaya Knight Due to Controversial Views on Women

March 2, 2024
Wicknell Chivayo Left Shadaya Knight Right | Report Focus News
Wicknell Chivayo Left Shadaya Knight Right

In Harare, a notable shift in the trend of generosity among Zimbabwean celebrities and influencers has caught public attention, particularly due to the actions of businessman Wicknell Chivayo. Known for his financial support towards those aligned with the Zanu PF party, Chivayo has been in the limelight for his lavish gifts, including vehicles to a variety of public figures such as musicians Jah Prayzah and Sulumani Chimbetu, radio host DJ Fantan, and bloggers like Carlton Mazinyane. These gestures have cemented Chivayo’s reputation as a key supporter of individuals and groups endorsing Zanu PF’s policies.

However, the narrative took an interesting twist with Chivayo’s deliberate exclusion of Shadaya Knight, a figure with a significant following on social media, from his list of beneficiaries. The reason for this exclusion, as Chivayo shared on his Instagram stories, is Knight’s controversial opinions about women. Chivayo’s statement pointedly criticized Knight’s demeaning remarks towards women, suggesting such attitudes disqualified Knight from receiving any form of generosity from him. The post read: “According to Shadaya LEARN OR PERISH… If it wasn’t for his excessive insults towards WOMEN, he might have had the right to be gifted… He’s a LEGEND in his own right,” highlighting both acknowledgment and disapproval of Knight’s behavior.

Knight’s response to Chivayo’s statement was cryptic yet telling, with a post on the platform X featuring an emoji of a car and a trash bin, indicating his disregard for Chivayo’s decision.

This incident has sparked wider discussions on social media about masculinity, pride, and independence, themes that Knight has often addressed. He critiques the modern man’s reliance on gifts from the affluent, advocating instead for self-sufficiency and dignity, contrasting sharply with the prevailing culture of soliciting favors from the wealthy.

As this story unfolds, it continues to captivate the Zimbabwean community, highlighting the complex interplay of generosity, political allegiance, and social commentary that characterises the relationships between these well-known personalities in Zimbabwe’s vibrant social and political sphere.