DA Condemns ANC’s Recruitment of ZANU-PF for South African Elections

May 12, 2024
South Africa prepares national and provincial elections | Report Focus News
South Africa prepares for national and provincial elections to be held on May 29, in Pretoria. Photo: REUTERS

SOUTH AFRICA | Main opposition party, DA is accusing the ruling African National Congress (ANC) of violating the Electoral Code of Conduct by enlisting Zimbabwe’s ZANU-PF to aid its campaign for the upcoming May 29 elections in South Africa. According to reports, the ANC has sought assistance from Zimbabwe’s governing party for its final push in the election campaign and to participate as an observer mission during the elections.

In a statement, DA spokesperson Solly Malatsi criticized the ANC’s move, stating it as a desperate attempt to cling to power by any means necessary. Malatsi stated: “The ANC, in its desperate bid to maintain power by any means necessary, is enlisting the help of SADC region’s electoral outcasts – ZANU-PF, to contaminate South Africa’s electoral processes ahead of the May 29 general elections.”

Malatsi argued that the ANC’s invitation to ZANU-PF to participate in their election campaign constitutes political interference in South Africa’s elections, compromising the Electoral Code of Conduct. He emphasized that ZANU-PF, having repeatedly violated Zimbabwe’s electoral laws to stay in power, is unfit to act as an observer in the South African elections.

The DA intends to file an official complaint with the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) regarding what it perceives as direct political interference in the election. Malatsi added:

“We will officially lodge a complaint with the IEC regarding this direct political interference and the potential damage it could inflict on the credibility of the election outcome. Allowing a foreign political party to pursue a partisan agenda on behalf of the ANC is unacceptable.”

Malatsi further criticized the ANC’s invitation of ZANU-PF to observe South African elections, suggesting that it demonstrates a lack of commitment to democratic values. He remarked:

“Following Zimbabwe’s disputed elections in August 2023, where ZANU-PF’s Emmerson Mnangagwa controversially claimed a second term, various observer missions, including SADC-EOM, noted serious shortcomings in the electoral process.”

Malatsi highlighted that despite these findings, ANC leader Cyril Ramaphosa endorsed Mnangagwa’s ‘re-election’, indicating a predetermined plan to involve ZANU-PF in South Africa’s electoral process.

The DA vows to prevent ZANU-PF from interfering in South Africa’s elections and from playing any role in observing the electoral process on May 29. Malatsi reiterated that ZANU-PF’s history of election rigging in Zimbabwe will not be tolerated in South Africa.