President Cyril Ramaphosa to Announce New Executive Cabinet Tonight

June 30, 2024
Ramaphosa | Report Focus News

President Cyril Ramaphosa will announce the members of his new executive cabinet this evening. This comes just over two weeks after he was sworn in for a second term following the May 29 elections and his election by the National Assembly on June 14.

The Presidency stated, “The new National Executive will constitute the 7th Democratic Administration as a Government of National Unity comprising a diversity of political parties.” The announcement will be broadcast live at 9pm Central African Time.

Political analyst Dr. Levy Ndou stressed the importance of supporting Ramaphosa’s decisions, saying, “Whatever decision he takes should be respected by everyone. Participation in the Government of National Unity does not mean disregarding the Constitution. The President has the prerogative to appoint cabinet ministers, and this should be respected.”

However, the Citizen’s Forum opposes the Government of National Unity. Former MP Dennis Bloem argued, “Political parties must stop claiming that the people want them to work together. This is not true. It betrays the votes and the people of South Africa.”

Bloem added, “During the elections, parties campaigned separately. The ANC received 40% of the votes. We don’t understand why the ANC can’t form a majority government. Opposition parties only want ministerial positions. This twists the mandate of the people.”

The nation awaits Ramaphosa’s announcement, which will shape South Africa’s political landscape for the coming term.