ZANU PF Concerned Over Electoral Challenges in Neighboring Countries

July 11, 2024
Obert Mpofu the ZANU PF Secretary General | Report Focus News
Obert Mpofu, the ZANU PF Secretary-General,

ZANU PF has raised concerns about the electoral performance of former liberation movements in neighbouring countries. Obert Mpofu, the ZANU PF Secretary-General, spoke to The Herald about the upcoming elections in Mozambique, Namibia, and Botswana, set for later this year.

Mpofu claimed that former colonial powers are trying to infiltrate the region and weaken these political movements. He said, “We are concerned about the infiltration from colonial countries against us. We are meeting as former liberation movements to protect ourselves.”

He also highlighted worries about democratic developments in the region and noted that recent elections in South Africa, where the ruling African National Congress (ANC) lost its majority for the first time since the end of apartheid, are an example of these challenges.

The ANC had to form a coalition government after its share of the vote dropped significantly in the 2024 elections. Similarly, ZANU PF did not secure a two-thirds majority in the 2023 elections, which were criticised by international observers for not meeting regional standards.

However, after by-elections, ZANU PF secured a two-thirds majority in Parliament. There are reports that President Mnangagwa aims to remain in power beyond 2028, despite the end of his second term.