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Several individuals including some from as distant as Australia have been deceived by the scheme intending to purchase vehicles for their loved ones in Zimbabwe

Deceptive Rent-to-Buy Scheme Preys on Aspiring Owners

A well-orchestrated fake rent-to-buy vehicle scam has recently emerged in Zimbabwe, leaving a trail of victims among individuals aspiring to own personal cars in recent months. Suspected to operate from Beitbridge, Musina, or Harare, the scammers utilize multiple mobile phone numbers to
April 19, 2024
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Debate Arises on Cloud Seeding in UAE Floods

As desert nation of UAE grapples with unprecedented rainfall, causing flooding that wreaks havoc on highways and Dubai’s airport, speculation regarding the potential role of cloud seeding abound. On Wednesday, efforts to recover commenced after the heaviest rain ever recorded inundated Dubai
April 18, 2024

Zimbabwe Defence Forces Members Perish In Road Accident

A tragic accident along the Harare-Bulawayo road claimed the lives of four members of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces (ZDF) and left several others injured. The incident, which occurred at the 180 km peg near Battlefields in Mashonaland West Province on Tuesday, involved
April 18, 2024

China Cancels Zimbabwe’s Interest-Free Loans

China has taken action to address Zimbabwe’s debt situation by cancelling unspecified amounts of interest-free loans and committing to assisting the country in navigating its debt crisis. This move comes amidst concerns raised by activists regarding the potential entrapment in a perpetual
April 17, 2024
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