Government Announces Issuance of 100,000 Title Deeds in Epworth, Chitungwiza, and Southlea Park

June 3, 2024
Vimbai Nyemba | Report Focus News
Vimbai Nyemba

ZIMBABWE | A Government official revealed plans to issue 100,000 title deeds to homeowners in Chitungwiza, Southlea Park, and Epworth under the Presidential Title Deeds and Settlement Regularization Programme. Justice, Legal, and Parliamentary Affairs Permanent Secretary Vimbai Nyemba, outlined the Government’s aim to issue over 1.5 million deeds to homeowners across the country in the coming years.

Nyemba stated that almost every local authority maintains a lengthy waiting list of citizens in need of title deeds. Specifically, the Government intends to issue 18,000 deeds in Epworth, 55,000 in Chitungwiza, and 9,000 in Southlea Park. Furthermore, 21,000 deeds will be issued for the Government-enabled housing programme nationwide.

A task force, chaired by the Secretary for Justice, Legal, and Parliamentary Affairs, oversees the programme’s implementation. Nyemba also mentioned the development of a digital land administration system to facilitate the issuance of securitized title deeds. This system, built on blockchain technology, aims to reduce disputes and fraud related to title deeds.

Phase two of the project will focus on validating existing deeds and reprinting them on securitized paper to enhance authenticity. Nyemba emphasized that the programme targets informal settlements, long-standing municipality tenants, beneficiaries of Government enabled housing, and rural business growth points.

To obtain a title deed, homeowners must provide various documents, including their original offer letter, agreement of sale, cessation document (if applicable), and proof of payments.