Bail Appeal Delayed for Opposition Leader Jameson Timba and 77 Activists

July 11, 2024
Citizens Coalition for Change CCC interim leader Jameson Timba and 77 arrested | Report Focus News
Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) interim leader Jameson Timba and 77 arrested

The bail appeal for Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) interim leader Jameson Timba and 77 activists has been delayed. The High Court postponed the hearing to next Tuesday after the State requested more time to respond. Justice Lucy Mungwari will preside over the case.

Timba and the activists were arrested on June 16 for attending an unauthorized meeting and disorderly conduct. Timba’s son, Shaun, was granted US$100 bail last week after it was shown he was caught in the arrest while delivering a Father’s Day gift. One minor has been released from custody.

Their lawyer, Agency Gumbo, expressed frustration over the delay, stating, “The State wants to consolidate another bail appeal and respond to our application by tomorrow. We agreed to the postponement, but it’s unfortunate our clients will spend the weekend in prison.”

The CCC condemned the arrests, accusing the state of targeting the opposition. CCC spokesperson Gift Ostallos Siziba called the ruling party “scared” and criticized the bail delay as a violation of rights.

Magistrate Ruth Moyo previously denied bail, citing concerns that the group might breach peace and reoffend, especially after threats to pursue the families of the arresting officers.

The opposition demands the immediate release of Timba and the activists, urging continued advocacy for their rights.