Prophet Talent Madungwe Evicted

June 3, 2024
madungwee | Report Focus News

ZIMBABWE | Controversial ‘Man of God,’ Prophet Talent Madungwe, also known as ‘The Heavenly Army Commander,’ is facing eviction by his landlord after failing to pay rent for four months. Madungwe, founder of the Exile Desire of All Nations church, gained notoriety for claiming to have met God in heaven and shared meals with the divine.

However, despite his claims of spiritual encounters, Madungwe’s financial difficulties have come to light. His landlord, Gogo Mangena, informed the State-owned H-Metro tabloid that Madungwe owed $800 in unpaid rent for most of the year. “I was being silenced from demanding my rentals for some time,” said Gogo Mangena. “Prophet Madungwe kept assuring me that he would pay, but he never did. I gave him a notice, and now he wants to leave without settling his debt. This is unfair, considering I respect him as a celebrity. He conducts three prayers daily without going to work. I don’t eat his sermons; I need my money,” expressed the irate landlady.

In response to the eviction threat, Prophet Talent Madungwe attributed his financial woes to spiritual attacks from the devil and unspecified enemies. “I am being attacked by the Devil because of preaching the word, and a number of enemies are after my downfall, but I will not give up,” he stated. Despite his faith and claims of divine encounters, Madungwe admitted to facing a lack of recent communication with God. “I have not been meeting God for talks for some time. Besides, God does not give us money but power to heal and raise the dead,” he affirmed.