South Africa : ANC members attack a bakkie carrying suspected BLF members

February 6, 2018
| Report Focus News

An official of South Africa’s governing African National Congress (ANC) – who was caught on video assaulting an elderly woman at a protest – will face disciplinary action, the party says.

The incident happened outside the party’s headquarters in Johannesburg, after pro- and anti-Zuma demonstrators clashed.

ANC members pulled the woman from a truck which was driving up to the ANC offices at speed, apparently carrying pro-Zuma supporters.

There was outrage on Twitter about the incident, with people calling on the police and the ANC to find the man responsible.

The ANC has since named the man as Thabiso Setona, and confirmed that he is a secretary of one of its branches.

The party said in a statement that Mr Setona’s “acts do not represent what the African National Congress stands for, and as a result of his revolting behaviour he will face a disciplinary process hastily”.