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Zimbabwe Moves Towards Abolishing the Death Penalty

ZIMBABWE | Anti-death penalty campaigners have expressed their excitement, asserting that “the death penalty is a cruel, inhumane, and degrading form of punishment which violates the right to life as proclaimed in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.” They insist that Zimbabwe
May 29, 2024

Zimbabwe Police Promote 86 Senior Officers

The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) will confirm the promotions of 86 senior officers on Wednesday, elevating them to the ranks of Commissioner, Assistant Commissioner, and Chief Superintendent. Assistant Commissioner Paul Ngwarai Nyathi, the ZRP national spokesperson, is among those promoted to Commissioner,
May 29, 2024
Nelson Chamisa

Chamisa Faces Social Media Backlash Over Election Statement

Nelson Chamisa has come under fire on social media following his recent statement addressing the disputed August 2023 elections, which many citizens found confusing and unsatisfactory. In his statement, Chamisa reiterated his commitment to resolving the controversial election results, which have been
May 27, 2024
Starlink Licensed to Revolutionize Zimbabwe's Digital Economy

Zimbabwe Welcomes Starlink: A New Era of Digital Connectivity

President Emmerson Mnangagwa has announced the licensing of Starlink by the Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (POTRAZ). This landmark decision will see Starlink, a Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite operator owned by SpaceX, providing advanced internet services across the country
May 25, 2024

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