Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission Reports Social Media Security Breach

June 22, 2024
Zimbabwe Anti Corruption Commission Reports Social Media Security Breach | Report Focus News
Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission Reports Social Media Security Breach

The Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC) has reported a significant security breach on its official social media account, @ZACConline. The commission lost control of the account on 20 June 2024 at 18:25 and is currently working to regain access.

In a post from the hacked account, an individual claiming to be a senior ZACC employee using the alias @MhepoYeNyika, addressed fellow Zimbabweans with a startling message. The post reads:

“Fellow Zimbabweans, Ndini @MhepoYeNyika a senior ZACC employee. It is my sworn duty to stand for truth and justice and to reveal to the public the deplorable level of corruption that has plagued our country.

I can no longer stay silent while our nation is destroyed by corruption at the highest levels. Instead of arresting and charging #Chivayo for his serious crimes, we are pressured to focus on distractions; kuitiswa #zvembudzi, while we have the evidence to nail the true kingpin.”

ZACC has urged the public and stakeholders to disregard any communications from the compromised account until further notice. Efforts to recover the account are ongoing.

In a statement, ZACC spokesperson Commissioner Thandiwe Mlobane reaffirmed the Commission’s commitment to combating corruption. “Our resolve to eradicate corruption remains unwavering,” Mlobane said.

The commission advises the public to stay informed through its official website and other verified social media channels. Reports of corruption can be made through the ZACC hotline at +263 242369603/5/8/14 or by email at zaccreports@zacc.co.zw.