Zimbabwe Warriors Plummet in FIFA Rankings After World Cup Qualifier Losses

June 21, 2024
The Zimbabwe Warriors | Report Focus News
The Zimbabwe Warriors

Zimbabwe’s senior men’s football team, the Warriors, have experienced a significant drop in the latest FIFA rankings following a series of poor performances in the CAF World Cup Qualifiers. The team lost 0-2 to Lesotho and 1-3 to South Africa, resulting in a seven-place decline. Zimbabwe now holds the 129th position globally, as per the FIFA rankings released on Thursday.

This descent marks a stark contrast to Argentina’s stronghold on the top spot in the rankings. On the African continent, Zimbabwe has also dropped, now ranking 38th, five places below their previous position of 33rd.

Historically, Zimbabwe’s best FIFA ranking was 39th in the world, achieved in 1994. The current rank of 129th is alarmingly close to their worst ever, which was 131st, recorded in 2009.

In a brighter spotlight within the same rankings, Liberia has emerged as the biggest climber, leaping ten places to secure the 142nd position, the highest in their history.

As the Warriors reflect on their performance, the focus now shifts to rebuilding and strategizing for upcoming matches to regain their standing both continentally and globally.