Zimbabwe Electoral Commission Denies Allegations of Misconduct in Election Material Procurement

June 21, 2024
Zimbabwe Electoral Commission | Report Focus News
Zimbabwe Electoral Commission

The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) has vehemently denied allegations circulating on social media about irregularities in the procurement of materials for the 2023 Harmonised Elections. In a recent press statement, the ZEC addressed the rumors that have sparked public concern, labeling them as “misleading and mischievous.”

The ZEC clarified that it did not enter into any contracts with the individuals mentioned in the online reports. The Commission emphasized that all procurement processes for the election materials were conducted in strict accordance with procurement regulations, ensuring full oversight and due diligence.

“We challenge all those alleging that the Commission has a contract with the three individuals to come forward and present the same,” stated Ms. C. Ngandini, Acting Chief Elections Officer of the ZEC.

The Commission also disclosed that the actual amounts spent on election materials were significantly lower than the exaggerated figures being circulated on social media. ZEC officials have cross-verified with their suppliers, who confirmed in writing that there were no contracts with the implicated individuals.

Furthermore, the ZEC assured the public that there were no third-party agreements involved in the procurement process, reiterating the transparency and integrity of their operations.

“Any statements suggesting a contractual link between ZEC and these individuals for the supply of the 2023 Harmonised Elections materials are inaccurate, misleading, and therefore should be dismissed with the contempt they deserve,” the statement read.

The ZEC’s firm stance aims to reassure all stakeholders that the procurement processes for the 2023 Harmonised Elections were conducted above board, adhering to the highest standards of accountability.