Jacob Zuma rebukes Zodwa Wabantu

January 15, 2018
| Report Focus News

Durban – Entertainer and socialite Zodwa Wabantu, who became known for dancing without underwear, has been criticised by President Jacob Zuma.

Zuma rebuked her for her dress sense and encouraging young women to use sexuality to get what they want. Zodwa, 32, of Soweto had attended a New Year’s party in Nutting House, Nelspruit.

While on stage, she allegedly revealed to her audience she made R35 000 for dancing and encouraged women to use sexual favours to enjoy a better life.

Revellers recorded her moves and message, which went viral on social media.

However, Zuma was unimpressed by Wabantu’s sexual suggestions and utterances.

He spoke to ANC spokesperson Zizi Kodwa, who called Zodwa’s manager, DJ Tira, to convey the president’s objections.

DJ Tira announced on Twitter that he had received a call from Kodwa, who told him the president wanted him to reprimand Zodwa for her sexually loaded utterances.

“I honestly don’t have a problem with the way Zodwa dresses.”

“That’s the image she prefers to portray and her fans love that about her.”

“What I can’t tolerate are the messages she’s directing to young women,” said DJ Tira.

But DJ Tira said he was not prepared to ask her to change her image because that’s the reason she has become a drawcard at events.

Kodwa confirmed that the president told him to handle Zodwa’s behaviour.

“As the spokesperson, I take orders from the president to the public, and vice versa.”

“Zuma was not happy with the way Zodwa dressed and disapproved of her recent message that went viral on social media.”

“I guess it all comes down to how she makes a living. What the president fails to understand is that her messages to the public is Zodwa’s way of increasing her popularity.”

“We hope her manager puts a stop to her behaviour,” said Kodwa.

Zodwa, a single parent of a 13-year-old son, said she worked in a call centre as a debt collector in Johannesburg previously, but didn’t enjoy that. She left her job and moved to Durban.“I’m ugly, but I’m confident about my body. After all, I’m not married, so I don’t answer to any man besides my manager (DJ Tira).

“My son and I are living a stable life from the money I make from stage appearances. As a result I built a brand new house in Nelspruit.”

“Society even judged me on my poor English but I don’t care because I make more money than those who have degrees and are better speakers of English,” said Zodwa.

According to her she’s not dating anyone at the moment because there’s no time for romance in her life, and no man would understand the life she led.

The event organiser, known as DJ Zoe, said she invited Zodwa because people from Nelspruit are fond of her, and she will continue to invite her to upcoming events.

“I honestly can’t say much about the video, but I can say it’s what Zodwa’s image is all about,” said DJ Zoe.

A week ago Zodwa retaliated to comedian Celeste Ntuli’s interview at Power FM that she was famous for taking off her panties in public.

Ntuli’s argument was why aren’t South Africans celebrating normal working women and she said she was “disgusted by the way she promotes her brand”.