‘I have displayed my penis in public before’

August 17, 2017
| Report Focus News

Police have revealed that a man accused of masturbating in front of a Cape high school was previously arrested for exposing his penis to a 14-year-old girl.

The 48-year-old, who was photographed last week touching himself while peeking at female learners through a school fence, claimed this week he was just peeing.

And the reason why it looked like he was stroking his private parts was because he had had a stroke, which cause uncontrollable spasms in his right arm.

Jiyaad de Hahn, who slurs his speech and constantly shakes, showed Daily Voice letters from Groote Schuur Hospital which confirm he had suffered a stroke last month, and he claimed it also left him with a weak bladder.

The embarrassed man said he desperately wanted to clear his name after his stepdaughter recognised his photo in Daily Voice and told her mother.

De Hahn said it was all a misunderstanding, and said the reason he had tried to run away from school security guards was because he got a fright and was scared.

However, police say this is not the first time the Tafelsig dad was accused of perving on females.

Police spokesperson Sinathi Joni says De Hahn has two previous cases of public indecency against him, and was also arrested for drug possession.

Joni says in July 2007, a 14-year-old girl opened a case at Woodstock SAPS, complaining about a then 38-year-old man “playing with and showing his private parts to her while she was on her way to school”.

“According to information at our disposal, the case was withdrawn on 5 June 2009.”

The previous year, in May 2006, a 37-year-old woman laid a charge of public indecency at Cape Town Central SAPS against the same man, who later pleaded guilty.

And in 2011, De Hahn was arrested in Mitchells Plain for being in possession of dagga. The case was later withdrawn.

When Daily Voice asked De Hahn about his previous cases, the soft-spoken man admitted he was caught displaying his penis in public before, but blames it on his drug addiction.

“Those were misunderstandings. I was not myself, I was on drugs. I did not know what I was doing most of the time,” he claims.