Dumi Masilela drove himself to hospital after being shot

August 6, 2017
| Report Focus News

Just moments after being shot in an attempted hijacking, actor Dumi Masilela mustered all his energy to drive himself to hospital, before handing over the wheel to a friend halfway through the trip, his brother Mbongeni revealed.

Detailing the moments that led to the young Rhythm City actor’s death, Mbongeni said that Dumi had gone to Tembisa on Wednesday evening to visit a friend when they were confronted by a hijacker.

“He was visiting his friend in Tembisa, as he often did. They were sitting in the car outside of his friend’s house when they saw a black Jeep approaching them and parking in their blindspot. They turned around to see a man jump out the car and approach their vehicle,” Mbongeni explained.

He said that Dumi got suspicious and pulled the handbrake to start a quick getaway. But was too late. As Dumi pulled off, the hijacker opened fire, shooting the actor once in the abdomen.

“The man (hijacker) was close enough to shoot at Dumi and his friend. Dumi was hit once but continued driving,” Mbongeni said.

It was a single bullet that hit Dumi but it was enough to rapture several vital organs.

“He was in pain but drove halfway to the hospital while his friend called friends and family to tell them about the shooting. His friend drove the rest of the way and helped take him into the hospital for treatment,” Mbongeni explained.

Concerned friends and family rushed to be by the star’s side and tried to support him while doctors prepared for emergency surgery.

He was in surgery for five hours and in the early hours of Thursday morning he died.

Police have promised to hunt down the hijackers who shot Dumi but Mbongeni believes there may have been no real witnesses to the crime except for Dumi’s friend.

“The road was quiet and the only time neighbours were alerted was when they heard the gunshot. Perhaps someone saw something but we are not sure. The police have told us they are investigating the incident,” he said.

Dumi’s death sent shockwaves across the country on Thursday and led to an outpouring of tributes from fans, politicians and friends of the actor.

The star, who played the role of Sfiso Ngema on e.tv’s Rhythm City ,left behind a young widow, Simphiwe. The couple married in a traditional ceremony in May.