Teachers Threaten Strike Amid Dance Protest Over Salary Crisis

May 8, 2024
zimbabwe teachers | Report Focus News
zimbabwe teachers

Teachers across Zimbabwe are expressing their frustrations in a unique way as they dance to highlight their grievances over pay, hoping to catch the attention of President Emmerson Mnangagwa. Their move is inspired by the president’s recent gesture of awarding an entertainer $800 at a family event, despite the government’s ongoing failure to address their salary demands.

Members of the Amalgamated Rural Teachers Union of Zimbabwe (ARTUZ) are calling for a monthly salary of $1,260, fully paid in US dollars, and for a moratorium on examination and school fees. Currently, they receive less than $500 per month, a combination of both US dollars and the RTGS dollar.

ARTUZ reported receiving numerous videos of teachers dancing on the first day of school, hoping the president will show the same generosity towards them by granting a pay increase. In a statement, the union remarked, “We understand that the head of state is more focused on rallies than education. We urge him to urgently address the salary demands of our members.”

According to ARTUZ, only 65% of teachers managed to report for work on the first day back, citing transport costs and basic welfare as major challenges. The union has called for a full withdrawal of labour starting Wednesday, stating, “From tomorrow, we have instructed our members to completely withdraw their labour until our demands are met with the urgency and seriousness they deserve.”

ARTUZ has been consistent in advocating for fair wages, and this latest industrial action reflects mounting frustration over the government’s handling of educators’ welfare.