Zimbabwe Police Issue Warning Against Protests on Workers Day

May 1, 2024
| Report Focus News

Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) has issued a warning to unions and their members to refrain from engaging in protests during the upcoming Workers Day commemorations set for May 1st. This declaration comes as Zimbabwe prepares to mark Labour Day amidst rising discontent among workers due to low wages and escalating inflation.

The country, which will join nations worldwide in observing Workers Day, anticipates gatherings across various locales, with trade unions organizing events to honor the occasion. However, amidst these preparations, the economic plight has left many workers and unions dissatisfied, with numerous government worker unions threatening to strike in demand for a living wage.

The ZRP emphasized the importance of maintaining peace during these gatherings. In their statement, they explicitly warned against any form of protests, including toyi-toying—a dance-like protest movement synonymous with demonstrations in Southern Africa—processions, or marching. The police stated that their forces are on high alert and will enforce a strict ban on such activities.

The police directive outlined that participants should proceed directly to the designated venues or stadiums where the commemorations are scheduled to take place without deviation. The main event will see members of the Zimbabwe Congress Trade Unions (ZCTU) gathering at Gwanzura Stadium in Highfield, where political figures are expected to speak. The ZCTU has historically been linked to the emergence of opposition politics in Zimbabwe.

This police warning underlines the government’s firm stance on preventing any potential disturbances that might overshadow the Workers Day celebrations. The focus is set on ensuring that the day is observed in a peaceful and orderly manner, reflecting the event’s significance in celebrating the contributions and rights of workers.