Woman Kills Husband, Flees with Lobola Funds

April 20, 2024
Moreblessing and husband Moses Mutukwa | Report Focus News
Moreblessing and husband Moses Mutukwa

ZIMABWE | A Mutare woman, now residing in Cape Town, South Africa, allegedly scalded her husband with cooking oil during a heated argument over lobola funds and absconded with the money. The victim, Mr. Moses Mtukwa, tragically lost his life due to injuries sustained in the attack, passing away at a Cape Town hospital last Thursday. Mr. Mtukwa, aged 41, had been hospitalized for two weeks and was placed on life support before succumbing to his injuries, as reported by his older brother, Mr. Davison Mtukwa.

In an exclusive interview with The Manica Post, Mr. Davison Mtukwa revealed that the altercation between his brother and Moreblessing Nyakunu, aged 40, escalated to a violent confrontation resulting in Mr. Mtukwa being scalded with hot cooking oil. Following the assault, Nyakunu reportedly stole a significant sum of money, comprising 31,000 Rand and US$800, intended by Mr. Mtukwa to be used for paying Nyakunu’s lobola (bride price).

After committing the alleged crime, Nyakunu fled the scene, leaving behind her injured husband and absconding with the lobola funds. The authorities are currently pursuing Nyakunu, who is considered a fugitive in connection with this tragic incident.

“My brother died due to the serious injuries he sustained after being scalded with cooking oil. What hurts most is that Nyakunu did not inform us that our brother was in hospital. Instead, each time we called him or her, she would answer the calls and pretended as if everything was fine. Each time my sister who is also in South Africa called looking for Moses, Nyakunu would tell her that he (Moses) was at home, while she was at work,” he said.

Davison mentioned that they were only informed about their brother’s hospitalization five days after he was admitted when a concerned individual, who had brought him to the hospital, reached out to their sister.

“When my sister got there, she was immediately told by the hospital authorities that Moses was supposed to be put on life-support system, and we had to run around looking for money for him to receive medical attention. At that time, Moses was still talking, and he told our sister that he had 31 000 Rand and US$800 at home. He said the money was meant to pay for Nyakunu’s bride price. He once told me about his savings, and we were planning to visit the Nyakunu family to settle some of the lobola arrears,” he said.

Davison said when their sister went to Moses’ home, it was deserted and the money was nowhere to be found as Nyakunu had fled with it.

“My brother and Nyakunu had a child together while they were still staying in Bvirindi Village under Chief Zimunya back then. They, however, parted ways and we were surprised to hear that he was cohabiting with her when he migrated to South Africa. They both came back home and he paid part of the bride price for her. Up until now, we never heard of any altercation between them. They appeared the most perfect couple to us. We were shocked to hear of this tragedy. “My brother told our sister before he was put on life-support that Nyakunu had scalded him because she wanted to use the lobola money for something else. After the husband, neighbours rushed him to the hospital. She disappeared with the money. Up to now, South African police are looking for her because she committed a heinous crime,” he said.

The family possesses WhatsApp messages and audio recordings exchanged between the couple just hours before the tragic incident occurred. In these conversations, Moreblessing Nyakunu expressed her desire to use the lobola funds for a different purpose, insisting that the husband should give it to her immediately and find the lobola funds later.

The Mutukwa family is now reaching out to compassionate individuals to assist them in raising 17,000 Rand, which is needed for repatriating the deceased’s body for burial.

“27 000 Rand is what is needed in total, and as a family we have managed to raise 10 000 Rand. Had she not stolen the money, we would have been able to bring back home our loved one, and lay him to his final resting place. We are unable to do that at the moment. We are appealing to Zimbabwe, family and friends to help us so that our brother’s remains are brought home,” said the man.