Bodybuilder Michael Chidozie Dies Weeks After Wife Shoots Him in Argument

April 15, 2024
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Michael Chidozie and wife

Nigerian bodybuilder Michael Chidozie  has tragically passed away less than a month after his wife allegedly shot him multiple times during a heated argument at their apartment in Houston, Texas, United States. The incident, which occurred on March 21, saw Chidozie sustaining gunshot wounds after his wife, Keaiirra Shavoiyae Chidozie, reportedly opened fire with a handgun in front of their children.

Reports indicate that the argument escalated to a violent confrontation, leading to Chidozie being shot multiple times by his wife. Following the shooting, police found Michael Chidozie with gunshot wounds and his wife, along with their two young children, in a nearby parking lot in a distressed state.

Chidozie was rushed to Ben Taub Hospital, where despite being placed on life support, he succumbed to complications from a devastating spinal injury 18 days later.

Keaiirra Chidozie was taken into custody by the police and charged in connection with the shooting. Their children were placed under the care of a family member.

The wife claimed self-defense, stating that she feared for her life when Michael Chidozie allegedly followed her into their bedroom during the argument. The nature of the argument remains unclear.

Keaiirra Chidozie has since been released on bail and is scheduled to appear in court again on May 23.