The Heroic Journey of Mr. Brown the ‘COS Scammer Buster’

April 12, 2024
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Mr. Brown the 'scammer buster'

In a world where trust is often exploited and innocence is taken advantage of, there emerges a beacon of hope in the form of Mr. Brown, the ‘scammer buster’ dedicated to helping Zimbabweans reclaim what’s rightfully theirs from the clutches of COS fraudsters. In a country where financial scams have become increasingly prevalent, Mr. Brown’s mission stands out as a symbol of resilience and justice.

Mr. Brown embarked on his  journey in December of 2023, catalysed by an online journalist Simba Chikanza’s live broadcast on Facebook. A lady recounted her harrowing experience of losing £8000 to a Certificate of Sponsorship (COS) scam during the show. The perpetrators, a UK-based man and woman, exploited her vulnerability, offering false promises of a better future in exchange for exorbitant fees. The man, masquerading as a support worker on a COS, and the woman, who had been in the UK for some time, lent credibility to their deceitful scheme.

Upon hearing the victim’s story, Mr. Brown urged her to contact him privately. She shared all the details of her ordeal, revealing how her desperate need for money, due to strained finances and a sick child, led her into the scam. Touched by her plight, Mr. Brown resolved to help. Through diligent investigation and leveraging insider information, he tracked down the male scammer and confronted him at his workplace in Surrey, demanding repayment or threatening police intervention. The scammer relented, offering £1500 upfront and agreeing to a monthly payment plan for the remainder.

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Mr Brown on one of his recovery missions

With the recovered funds in hand, Mr. Brown promptly informed the victim, bringing her unexpected relief and joy. Inspired by this success, he expanded his efforts, establishing a Facebook page titled ‘COS Scammers and Fraudsters’ to assist more victims. Despite encountering threats from scammers, including menacing phone calls and messages, and attempts to discredit him on social media platforms, Mr. Brown remained undeterred. One threat arrived in the form of a text message, ominously referencing knowledge of his home address and implying potential harm. In another instance, scammers attempted to tarnish Mr. Brown’s reputation by falsely accusing him of being a scammer himself, seeking to dissuade others from seeking his help.

When asked about his future plans, Mr. Brown expressed a desire to formalize his efforts by establishing a charity organization aimed at assisting migrants in the UK, not limited to Zimbabweans. Recognizing the multifaceted struggles migrants face, from housing insecurity to unwitting involvement in illegal activities, Mr. Brown emphasized the need for systemic support and justice. Funding for the organization would be sourced through a combination of fundraising events and donations from supporters.

Mr. Brown’s endeavours have yielded tangible results, with over £32000 recovered from COS scams to date. His commitment to justice and empowerment has earned him admiration and gratitude from countless Zimbabweans, whose lives he has touched with his unwavering resolve.

Victims of COS scams willing to reach out to Mr Brown can do so via his Facebook page ‘COS scammers and fraudsters’ or contact him via WhatsApp on +447361916612.