Woman spends more than £12,000 in UK citizenship applications but keeps getting rejections

April 10, 2024
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Patience Jamela

A mum-of-three, who has resided in the UK for 23 years, has spent £12k on applications to secure her stay, only to face repeated rejections. Patience Jamela, 45, originally from Zimbabwe, relocated to Britain in 2001 to pursue teacher training. Initially intending to return home, she made Britain her permanent residence after meeting her partner.

Despite her contributions as a taxpayer and her desire for stability, each of her four attempts to obtain permanent citizenship, costing £3k each time, has been denied by the Home Office. Feeling trapped in a state of uncertainty, Patience struggles to secure a mortgage and faces travel restrictions.

Patience’s journey began in 2001 when she pursued a PGCE at Canterbury Christ Church University. However, her plans to return home were altered when she started a family with her partner, resulting in three children – Charlotte, Alissa, and Jaden.

Her quest for permanent citizenship began in 2012, followed by subsequent applications in 2015, 2018, and 2021, all met with rejection. Despite her clean record and contributions to British society, she remains perplexed by the recurring refusals.

Unable to reunite with family in Zimbabwe or afford vacations, her children face uncertainty about their future in the only country they’ve known as home. Patience’s life is characterized by constant upheaval, with her housing and financial decisions overshadowed by the uncertainty of her residency status.