Bulawayo Businessman Offers Free Medical Aid to Elderly Residents

April 8, 2024
samuriwo | Report Focus News
Mr Samuriwo

In 2022, Mr. Brian Samuriwo, businessman and Zanu-PF politician initiated a health expo aimed at aiding elderly residents aged 65 and above in Luveve and Emakhandeni suburbs. This ongoing program offers free medical attention, targeting chronic ailments such as hypertension, arthritis, and diabetes. Collaborating with doctors and nurses for ED, Brian Samuriwo ensures monthly medical check-ups and prescription of necessary medications for the elderly beneficiaries.

Mr. Samuriwo shared with the Chronicle his motivation behind this noble cause, citing his late grandmother, Susan Chipangura, who fell victim to the Covid-19 pandemic. “On Saturday, we had the tombstone unveiling for my late grandmother whom we lost to Covid-19. Because it was the Covid season, I could not assist her much. But as a way of honoring her, I came up with this idea of helping the elderly in my area to get checked regularly free of charge, something we have been doing since 2022, working together with doctors and nurses from ED,” he explained.

Brian Samuriwo takes proactive steps to provide free medical treatment to elderly residents. On April 7th, a total of 106 elderly individuals received complimentary care for chronic illnesses in Bulawayo’s Luveve suburb. At Mr. Samuriwo’s Chigumira chillspot, they not only received treatment but also medication to manage their conditions for a minimum of two months.

Beyond his healthcare initiative, Brian Samuriwo actively promotes township tourism through his chillspot, providing employment opportunities to over 60 individuals. Additionally, he has contributed significantly to the community by drilling three boreholes and extending support and equipment to neighbourhood watch committees. Mr. Samuriwo’s endeavours underscore the impact of individual efforts in fostering positive change within communities, emphasizing the values of empathy and unity during challenging times.