Wicknell Chivayo Donates US$1 Million to Zimbabwe’s Zion Christian Church

April 1, 2024
President Mnangagwa and | Report Focus News
President Mnangagwa introduces businessman Wicknell Chivayo during his address at the Zion Christian Church (ZCC) annual Easter Conference at Mbungo Estates in Bikita, Masvingo yesterday

In a generous act of philanthropy, Harare businessman Mr. Wicknell Chivayo made headlines yesterday with a substantial donation of $1 million to the Zion Christian Church (ZCC) to support its national community projects. The donation was made at the church’s Easter Passover festival held in Mbungo Estates in Bikita district, an event graced by President Mnangagwa as the guest of honor.

The donation was publicly announced by Bishop Nehemiah Mutendi, the leader of the ZCC, during the festival. Bishop Mutendi praised Mr. Chivayo’s commitment to charitable works, stating, “There is this young businessman, Chivayo, who is doing great works. He donated some money to our church. It is a six-zero figure, US$1 million. We are quite happy as a church and that is a show of love and kindness.”

Mr. Chivayo was among the dignitaries present at the annual gathering, which attracted over 150,000 pilgrims from Zimbabwe and 18 other countries. The ZCC has been instrumental in improving community infrastructure, having built schools and clinics, and fostering national food security through its extensive agricultural programs.

The contribution of Mr. Chivayo, who has recently been in the news for donating vehicles to several artists in a bid to support the arts industry, underscores his growing reputation for philanthropy. Artists including Alick Macheso, Jah Prayzah, and Nicholas Zakaria, as well as Suluman Chimbetu, have previously benefited from his generosity.

This latest donation by Mr. Chivayo is set to bolster the ZCC’s efforts in community service and development projects, highlighting the impactful role of private contributions in national development.