Teen Arrested in Carlisle for Racist Attack on Zimbabwean Schoolboy

March 17, 2024
UK police | Report Focus News
UK police

In a distressing incident that has sparked widespread outrage, a teenage boy was arrested by Cumbria police after a video showcasing a racially motivated attack went viral. The footage revealed a white teenager assaulting a black schoolboy, originally from Zimbabwe, in an appalling act of racism. The confrontation occurred at St John Henry Newman Catholic School in Carlisle, where the assailant was recorded punching and shoving the victim before demanding he kiss his boots.

The victim, a recent immigrant to the United Kingdom from Zimbabwe, has become the center of a deeply troubling conversation about racism in the UK. Cumbria Police, in a statement on their Facebook page, confirmed the arrest of the teenager involved in the attack, highlighting the gravity of the situation and the community’s concerns over the incident. They have urged the public not to share the video further to avoid impeding legal proceedings and identifying any minors involved.

This event has drawn attention not only from the local community but also from international observers. Zimbabwean journalist and academic, Chofamba Sithole, vocalized his alarm over the incident, underscoring the racial discrimination faced by the victim. Sithole’s commentary sheds light on the broader context of racial issues in the UK, mentioning other recent incidents of racial abuse, including the treatment of Diane Abbott, the longest-serving female black MP in Britain.

The attack has ignited a call to action for the Zimbabwean Embassy in London, with demands for a response to the vile racist culture that has come to the fore. Sithole’s statements reflect a deep concern for the well-being of the Zimbabwean community in the UK and the need for governmental intervention.

This incident, occurring in a week marked by racial controversies, including the abuse faced by MP Diane Abbott, highlights a pressing issue in British society. The response from officials and the community at large will be closely watched as the country grapples with its ongoing struggle against racism and discrimination.