Deloitte Africa Bids Farewell to Zimbabwe, Paves Way for Local Entity’s New Beginning

February 15, 2024
Charity Rondozai Mtwazi e1707965645614 | Report Focus News
Charity Rondozai Mtwazi e1707965645614

In a significant shift within the auditing and advisory landscape, Deloitte Africa has officially announced its departure from Zimbabwe, marking a new chapter for its local entity. The decision, reached through mutual agreement, allows for a transformative management buyout, with senior partners at the helm of the soon-to-be-renamed firm.

Deloitte, a global titan in the provision of audit and assurance, tax, consulting, and risk and financial advisory services, has long been a pillar for large corporations and government agencies across the globe. This strategic withdrawal is designed to cater more specifically to the distinctive requirements of the Zimbabwean market.

The announcement came on Wednesday, shedding light on the extensive discussions that took place between Deloitte Africa and its Zimbabwean counterpart. The focus of these discussions was to explore the best avenues for serving the Zimbabwean clientele under a fresh banner, ensuring that the local market’s unique needs are met with precision and care.

Charity Mtwazi, the Managing Partner at Deloitte Zimbabwe, shared her optimism about the transition, stating, “With the exit of Deloitte in Zimbabwe, we will be ushered into a new phase.” She expressed enthusiasm for continuing the firm’s legacy of excellence in client service, albeit under a new brand. Mtwazi emphasized the unchanged team, guaranteeing service continuity and the preservation of client trust.

The management buyout signifies more than just a change of name; it represents a strategic shift towards a more localized approach to service delivery. This approach promises to align more closely with the specific needs and nuances of the Zimbabwean market. The move is also a testament to Deloitte’s enduring commitment to empowering its personnel and strengthening stakeholder relationships.

As the Zimbabwean entity embarks on this new journey, it carries forward the legacy of quality and trust that Deloitte is known for, promising a future that is both familiar and freshly attuned to the local landscape.