Chin’ono Says CCC Must Expose Its Members Behind Sengezo Tshabangu

November 12, 2023
Chamisa Nelson 2 | Report Focus News
Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) leader Nelson Chamisa

Harare, Zimbabwe – Prominent journalist Hopewell Chin’ono has called for the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) to publicly expose members allegedly collaborating with Sengezo Tshabangu, the self-styled interim secretary-general accused of undermining the party by recalling its parliamentarians and councillors.

The call for action follows assertions from CCC Deputy Spokesperson Gift Ostallos Siziba, who acknowledged the party’s awareness of such betrayal but refrained from naming the individuals involved. Siziba remarked, “Through our intelligence, we are aware of those using their narrow-mindedness and greed to leverage the chaos sponsored by Zanu PF.”

Responding to these developments, Chin’ono emphasized the critical nature of transparency within the party. He argued that revealing the identities of these members is essential for resolving the crisis facing the CCC. “Not exposing them is akin to letting an infection worsen, potentially leading to the party’s collapse,” Chin’ono stated.

He also highlighted the detrimental impact of secrecy on the CCC, suggesting that it inadvertently aids Zanu PF, the current ruling party. “By not disclosing the truth, CCC inadvertently supports Zanu PF’s corrupt governance,” he noted, stressing the importance of maintaining public trust in democratic processes.

Amidst these accusations, speculation has arisen around several party officials, including former Finance Minister Tendai Biti and MP Chalton Hwende. Biti, in a statement, categorically denied any involvement with the regime, reaffirming his commitment to the struggle for a better Zimbabwe. “I have been imprisoned and tortured for our collective aspirations; I will never support Zanu PF,” he declared.

As the controversy continues to unfold, it exposes deeper strategic and ideological divides within the CCC, prompting a broader debate on the party’s future direction and principles. The Zimbabwean public, eager for transparency and resolution, awaits further developments in this unfolding political saga.