Unraveling the Web of Prophetic and Gold Mafias

August 24, 2023
Melody Dzingai and her new beau Ethan Moyo | Report Focus News
Melody Dzingai and her new beau, Ethan Moyo

Good News Church’s Uebert Angel Faces the Spotlight

In the glittering world of high-profile relationships and secrets, the Good News Church’s leader, Uebert Angel, is no stranger to controversy. Angel, who now holds a political appointment as Ambassador at Large for Europe and the Americas under President Mnangagwa, is alleged to be spinning a web of deception and control.

Unmasking Angel’s Web

While some may be celebrating the blossoming romance between Melody Dzingai and her new beau, Ethan Moyo, insiders are raising eyebrows and asking questions. What lies beneath this newfound love, they wonder?

Ethan Moyo, it is claimed, is not just any ordinary partner but a carefully chosen piece in Angel’s puzzle. Allegedly sent to keep Melody Dzingai under control and prevent her from unveiling shocking secrets about the trail of abuse and alleged sexual misconduct involving hundreds of women at the hands of Uebert Angel and Shepherd Bushiri.

A Victim in the Midst

Melody Dzingai’s journey has been nothing short of tragic; she is, in fact, a victim herself. It’s said that Angel initially used her to arrange discreet encounters with women of the “highest quality.”

Report Focus News suggests that at one point, Miss Dzingai was involved with Enlightened Christian Gathering leader, Prophet Shepherd Bushiri, who happens to be Angel’s “spiritual son.”

When this affair came to light, things took a peculiar turn. A “spiritual son” of Bushiri, named Tanah Israel, who was married to Bushiri’s younger sister, stepped in to handle Miss Dzingai. Rumor has it that this was an elaborate move to protect both Bushiri’s marriage and cover up Uebert Angel’s involvement with the women Miss Dzingai had introduced to him.

Tanah ended up leaving his marriage and having a child with Miss Melody Dzingai, only to move on to a social media influencer, Hillary Makaya.

WhatsApp Image 2023 08 24 at 141855 | Report Focus News
Tanah and new lover Hillary Makaya

A New Player on the Scene

With Miss Melody potentially holding damaging information about Uebert Angel and no longer under his control, it’s rumored that Angel brought in a fresh face, Ethan Moyo, to maintain his grip over her.

These sordid tales reveal the depths to which these individuals are willing to go in their shadowy world of manipulation and secrecy.

Stay tuned for more in this sensational saga!