Absolutely Not a Mighty Invasion, Chris Okafor’s Pathetic Flop

May 22, 2023
Absolutely Not a Mighty Invasion Chris Okafor's Pathetic Flop | Report Focus News
Absolutely Not a Mighty Invasion, Chris Okafor's Pathetic Flop

Despite his feeble attempts to deceive the people of Zimbabwe with his extravagant scarf and political regalia, the self-proclaimed Nigerian prophet, Chris Okafor, miserably failed to attract crowds to his laughable ‘mighty invasion’ crusade last weekend. This charlatan went to great lengths to make an impact in Zimbabwe, enlisting the support of the media and other notable figures like Mike Chimombe and Zodwa Mkandla to back his gospel charade. However, the people of Zimbabwe saw through this pathetic gimmick and refused to buy into it.

Jay Isreal, a failed prophet himself and a renowned swindler, was reportedly behind this non-event. Despite their efforts to make it an attraction for the masses, the long-suffering Zimbabweans, now wise to the machinations of these frauds and false prophets, stayed far away.

The event, which took place in Harare’s Harare Gardens, boasted an impressive lineup of famous gospel artists, but it turned out to be an utter failure.

Chris Okafor flew in from Nigeria, greeted with pomp at the Robert Mugabe International Airport, where he was treated to a performance by traditional dancers—a fitting spectacle for a native doctor. Christian commentator and author Brilliant Pongo, a well-known critic of modern-day prophets, remarked, “Chris Okafor is a prime example of a sangoma/babalawo, preying on the poor and exploiting their circumstances and suffering to line his own pockets. It was disheartening to witness his arrival in Zimbabwe. His sole mission is to make money and exploit unsuspecting and gullible Christians who believe he is an anointed prophet.”

The organizers of this charade, calling it the “Mighty Invasion Zimbabwe,” were shameless and tactless in their approach.

What is even more shocking is their audacity to clothe him in a scarf resembling political interests and align him with President Mnangagwa’s support. We are currently in a critical moment of the election campaign, and attempting to take advantage of this situation for credibility was a gross miscalculation on Jay Isreal’s part and the organizers of this failed event.

Zimbabweans have become wiser to these charlatans and their deceitful tactics. For Chris Okafor, Harare was a complete failure; his so-called invasion amounted to nothing more than a photo opportunity next to the country’s president.

In the disturbing era of false prophets, we witness a desperate scramble for relevance as these charlatans shamelessly seek to associate themselves with political power. Chris Okafor’s pitiful attempt at a “mighty invasion” in Zimbabwe is just one glaring example of this alarming trend.

These self-proclaimed prophets, driven solely by their insatiable thirst for personal gain and fame, shamelessly exploit the vulnerabilities of the unsuspecting masses. They cunningly manipulate the circumstances and suffering of the people, preying on their desperation for a better life.

As the rise of false prophets continues to plague societies, we see a calculated strategy to latch onto political figures and events, attempting to bolster their own credibility by association. They shamelessly parade themselves as spiritual advisors to politicians, disguising their ulterior motives under the cloak of divine guidance.

President Mnangagwa has an open door policy, but these charlatans must not take advantage of the President.

The audacity of these frauds to don political regalia, like Chris Okafor did with his scarf, and align themselves with leaders and political movements is a testament to their lack of integrity and moral compass. They shamelessly exploit the trust placed in political figures, aiming to deceive the public into believing that their endorsement equates to spiritual authority.

The consequences of this unholy alliance between false prophets and political power are dire. It erodes the foundations of democracy and good governance, as these prophets manipulate public opinion and meddle in the affairs of the state for their own personal gain.

Moreover, it deepens the disillusionment and despair of those already suffering, as they witness their leaders being swayed and influenced by these spiritual fraudsters. The lines between genuine political leadership and self-serving charlatanism blur, leaving the vulnerable even more susceptible to exploitation.

It is high time that societies rise against the encroachment of false prophets into the realms of politics. We must remain vigilant, questioning the motives of those who claim divine authority and scrutinizing their associations. True spiritual leaders do not seek power and fame; they humbly serve the people with love, compassion, and a genuine commitment to their well-being.

Let us expose the false prophets for what they truly are—manipulative opportunists who exploit the trust and faith of the masses for their own selfish agenda. Only then can we protect our societies from their insidious influence and reclaim the integrity of both our spiritual and political realms.