Assistant to Disgraced Prophet Uebert Angel Caught Demanding Bribe and Making Alarming Statements about Corruption in Zimbabwe

March 30, 2023
Rikki Doolan | Report Focus News
Rikki Doolan

In a shocking development, an assistant to Uebert Angel, a disgraced fake prophet and Ambassador at Large, Rikki Doolan has been caught on tape making alarming statements about corruption in Zimbabwe.

According to the recording, which has been widely circulated on social media, the assistant claimed that anyone who blocks or exposes corrupt deals in Zimbabwe is sent to jail for up to 30 years. The recording also shows the assistant demanding a bribe of US$200,000 to arrange a meeting with the President of Zimbabwe.

The recording has sparked widespread outrage among Zimbabweans, who are already struggling with a troubled economy and political instability. It has raised serious questions about the state of corruption in Zimbabwe and the extent to which it has infiltrated the country’s political and economic systems.

In response to the recording, calls are growing for a full investigation into the allegations and for those responsible to be held accountable for their actions. Many Zimbabweans are calling for urgent action to root out corruption at all levels of society.

The Zimbabwean government has yet to comment on this matter, but it is clear that urgent action is needed to restore transparency and accountability in the country. Zimbabweans deserve better, and it is time for those in power to take decisive action to stamp out corruption once and for all.

This scandal is just the latest in a long line of corruption scandals that have plagued Zimbabwe. It is clear that urgent action is needed to restore trust in government and to create a more stable and prosperous future for all Zimbabweans.