Mugabe Junior Set Free After Alleged Property Damage

February 21, 2023
mugabe junior og image | Report Focus News
mugabe junior og image

Robert Mugabe Junior, the son of the late Zimbabwean President, Robert Mugabe, was released from detention on Monday following his arrest over the weekend for allegedly damaging a friend’s vehicle and property worth US$12,000 during a party in Harare’s Strathaven suburb.

The 31-year-old spent the night at Avondale Police Station before being taken to Harare magistrate court, where he spent the day moving from office to office before being set free. Notably, he did not make an appearance before a magistrate, and had already left the building by the time journalists gathered at the court.

According to reports, Mugabe had been outside the courtroom from lunchtime, prompting journalists to wait for his name to be called for the court appearance. However, it was later indicated that he had already left the building.

Mugabe’s lawyer, Ashiel Mugiya, clarified that the charges against Mugabe had not been withdrawn, but rather the state had given the parties an opportunity to negotiate.

The Zimbabwe Republic Police confirmed that Mugabe was accused of damaging the property belonging to his 31-year-old friend, Nkatazo Sindiso.

The incident has sparked mixed reactions from Zimbabweans, with some condemning Mugabe’s alleged actions, while others are questioning the handling of the case, given the absence of a court appearance.

Robert Mugabe, the former Zimbabwean President, passed away in 2019 at the age of 95. His son’s legal troubles have attracted significant media attention in the country.