‘Vote for me and you’ll eat bacon and egg every day’: Presidential candidate

June 26, 2018
| Report Focus News

A presidential hopeful taking part in the upcoming elections in Zimbabwe, Tendai Peter Munyanduri, is reportedly making lavish promises to secure votes.

New Patriotic Front (NPF) candidate has promised that once in power, he will make sure that every Zimbabwean has a balanced diet, free healthcare and cheap housing for first-time buyers.

“If the NPF manages to come into power, it will strive to provide the following: extend/improve life expectancy through (a) 100 percent access to free and quality medical/healthcare for every citizen in need; and (b) 100 percent access to a balanced diet to all citizens and food on the table for every Zimbabwean – at least an egg, beacon and milk for every breakfast,” he said.

Emmerson Mnangagwa is Zanu-PF’s candidate for the upcoming elections. He took over from Robert Mugabe following a coup in 2017.

The elections will take place on July 30 2018.