Is President Mnangagwa that daft to say he will still be president in 2030?

June 18, 2018
| Report Focus News

President Emmerson Mnangagwa who is facing 22 other candidates in the presidential elections next month is reported to have told a business meeting in Gweru that he will still be president in 2030.

Mnangagwa has embarked on a massive investment drive in which he seeks to turn Zimbabwe into a middle income country by 2030, thus raising the average per capita income of Zimbabweans from just under $1 000 to $3 500 a year.

According to Newsday, Mnangagwa told the captains of industry at the Buy Zimbabwe conference in Gweru on Thursday: “I chose 2030 and it’s not a magic year, but I believe I will still be there.”

The paper interpreted this to mean he would still be president in 2030.

The country’s constitution now limits the term of the president to two terms of five years each.

If Mnangagwa wins this year’s elections and decides to contest again in 2023, his term will end in 2028 and by law he will not be allowed to contest again, no matter how popular he might be.

By saying he will be president in 2030 is this a way of telling Zimbabweans that Mnangagwa will amend the constitution to allow for a third term?

Will Zimbabweans allow him to do that after watching what happened to the country’s first executive president Robert Mugabe in his final years in power?

Can Mnangagwa be that daft?