LATEST: Makamba: I went exile in 2005, Robert Mugabe suspected I was sleeping with Grace

June 8, 2018
| Report Focus News

James Makamba says he fled Zimbabwe in 2005 because he feared then President Robert Mugabe who suspected that he was conducting an adulterous affair with former first lady Grace.

Makamba said this as he appeared in court Friday seeking a cancellation of the charges of externalisation which he faced prior to his skipping the country in 2005.

The controversial businessman returned to Zimbabwe in December following a coup which deposed Mugabe.

Makamba left the country after he was locked up for allegedly illegally dealing in foreign currency without a licence and externalisation. He was to spend more than 10 years in self-imposed exile.

On Friday, he told court that he came back because Mugabe was no longer the president.

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