Nelson Chamisa Immature, Arrogant and Ignorant, Bring Back Tsvangirai says Mujuru

January 31, 2018
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National People’s Party Statement – By Gift Nyandoro

NPP notes with concern persistent and Consistent efforts by Colleagues it perceives as comrades in arms in portraying a big brother mentality that suggests that NPP has no will power to work together with other democratic forces in ensuring the return of Zimbabwe to constitutionalism and Rule of law. In particular the concern arises as a result of what is now becoming a culture of public invitation of Dr JTR Mujuru and the party she leads to join Mdc Alliance at every rally that one of the three mdct vice Presidents ; Nelson Chamisa, gets to address. We hope the publicly made invitation of joining forces is not a kind of political mischief that seeks to portray NPP as a stumbling block to a fully fledged grand coalition of opposition political parties to Zimbabweans.

For the record Vice President Chamisa needs to appreciate the existence of a Memorandum of understanding between NPP and Mdct which memorandum has been held in abeyance because of failure by the two establishments to find each other. Now that the Mdct Vice President finds it befitting to make the so called invitation publicly at political rallies of Mdc Alliance; NPP feel compelled to adopt the same public route in setting the record straight as demonstrated hereunder:

1. Firstly the Memorandum of understanding entered into by Mdct and NPP still stands and no member of either parties have publicly resiled from the intention of wanting to work together. So to suggest that the other party finds it logical to publicly invite NPP to the joining of Mdc Alliance when the memorandum between the two does not relate to Mdc Alliance in both content and substance is unfortunate to say the least. The memorandum that still stands relates to how the two parties can work together in making another great Zimbabwe Possible. Unless the public invitation is meant to suggest that Mdct is now publicly reneging on the statement of intention to work together; then there is nothing NPP can do to ensure that the same materialises between the two parties. Given the circumstances NPP wonders if this is how bonafide to be partners should engage each other unless if our colleagues are simply grandstanding to the gallery of populist politics.

2. Secondly our areas of non agreement with Mdct related to NPP’s following demands:

A. That a People ‘s grand Coalition should have a neutral and all embracing and inclusive name. Parties should not be seen to enter into an Alliance with a name that suggests the swallowing of coalescing members. That alone will bring confidence of equall engagement and bonafide desire to move forward. NPP believes that genuine coalitions can only happen if prospective partners treat each other with respect. The behavior of gallivanting student politics of self deception that another party is the big river while others are tributaries is politics of self denial given the change of the political trajectory in the country.

We definately need each other unless our minds as leadership gets intoxicated with a combination of arrogance and ignorance of the obtaining political realities on the ground.

3. Thirdly NPP demanded and still demands that parties to the Coalition should agree to use neutral logos and symbols that do not reflect a marketing gimmick of one political institution. NPP Still insists on that demand of neutrality both for the name and logos unless if the party is to be pursuarded otherwise for the party believes that the best way to punish ignorance is to let it be led by wisdom.

4. Further it was NPP’s demand at the negotiation table that parties should come to an agreed method of choosing a leader of the coalition and that such method should also involve decision making organs of the two parties since democracy demands the majority will. What NPP refuses is the notion of self entitlement to lead that is cast in stone without sustainable basis to justify the same.

5. Lastly it was also NPP’s demand that the two parties should agree on a democratic process of choosing MPs, Senators, PRs and Councillors of the two political establishments.

No one political institution has a devine right to destribute and allocate seats to others.

The above faithfully reflect what stalled the deliberations between the two parties. For the record Dr Mujuru and Dr Tsvangirai equally had the opportunity to meet and discuss the impasse. Regrettably the two ‘ s continued engagement got stalled as NPP was advised that Dr Tsvangirai is still undergoing his medical reviews.

Therefore for VP Chamisa to start inviting Dr Mujuru publicly at rallies for the joining of the said Coalition when Dr Mujuru in her prayers hopes for the early recovery of Dr Tsvangirai so that the two could conclude the talks hopefully before the elections is very difficult to tell.

In the circumstances NPP wishes Dr Tsvangirai a quick recovery so that he could join the nation in finishing the journey of genuine and progressive transformation of Zimbabwe’ s politics.

NPP remains available to work together with progressive like minds. The struggle is much bigger than individual egos and assumed distinct super quality of leadership.

Advocate Gift Nyandoro
NPP Secretary General.

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