Thousands of Supporters comfort Chatunga Mugabe after dad’s fall from power

November 22, 2017
| Report Focus News

Robert Mugabe’s son‚ Chatunga Bellarmine Mugabe‚ is undoubtedly licking his wounds on Wednesday after his father stepped down as president on Tuesday.

Until the very last moments‚ Chatunga seemed certain that his father would never relinquish power.

Chatunga took to his Facebook page on Wednesday morning to post a picture of a pensive-looking Mugabe.

Some took to the post to send positive messages to the Mugabe youngster.

“He will forever be celebrated by me! Iconic leader he was‚” said Blessing Mutyasira.

“He was our leader in his own league yet he was supposed to create more leaders other than himself not enemies hope you also learnt that everyone is vital in life‚” said Israel Zombo Gusalo.

“Much respect for you‚ Gushungo‚” said Kudzay Mhlanga.

“I will always salute you‚ my President! You will remain a hero and nothing can change that! Farewell‚” said Yolanda Chidziwo Washaya.

Others expressed their joy at Mugabe’s demise.

“Dad fell off the cash cow called Zanu-PF. No more champagne baths‚” wrote Thembani Elmon Jnr.

Cliff Baba Ethan Nhariswa showed no sympathy: “I’m sure they have enough to live for four more lifetimes‚ spending exactly the same.”

Natasha Kimberley wrote: “He has blood on his hands. Many died because of him. Many went missing … Houses destroyed‚ many became homeless.

He talks about unity and love and failed to love his nation … People are suffering‚ sleep without eating … and your heartless mother goes on a shopping spree.”