Zimbabwean woman dies a tragic death in foreign country

October 16, 2017
| Report Focus News

A ZIMBABWEAN jobseeker died on a bus in Namibia Sunday, local police have confirmed.

Winnie Netsayi Pedzaimunda, 49, passed on Sunday morning in Eenhana town, northern Namibia, on her way to Swakopmund where she had reportedly secured employment.

Police spokesperson Abner Kaume Itumba, told Namibian media that Pedzaimunda had travelled from home with her sister, and fell sick at Victoria Falls.

“The sister said Pedzaimunda told her she felt tired, and they stopped at the hospital, where she was diagnosed with high blood pressure.

“She was allegedly given medicine, and they continued with the journey to Namibia,” he said.

The deceased and her younger sister were to stop at a compatriot’s house at Eenhana, and get another bus to Swakopmund later Sunday.

However, it appeared she fell sick again on the bus as they approached Eenhana, and died while being transferred from the bus to a private car.

Sylvester Mhazo, in whose house the two sisters were to wait for the second bus, expressed shock at the incident.

“We were together in Zimbabwe on Friday, and they travelled by bus while I used my car. They were to stop here and get another bus to Swakopmund,” he said, adding that it was the woman’s first visit to Namibia.

“The person who secured the sisters jobs at Swakopmund was turned back upon entering Zambia because she only had a temporary passport,” Mhazo added.