Zanu-PF Minister Linked to Mvurwi Town Council Vehicle Scandal

May 30, 2024
Christopher Magomo | Report Focus News
Christopher Magomo

Allegations suggest that Christopher Magomo, Mashonaland Central Provincial Affairs and Devolution Minister, is embroiled in a scandal involving executives at Mvurwi Town Council, according to reports. Magomo faces accusations of defending council executives who purportedly engaged in irregularities by bypassing tender procedures and neglecting stakeholder consultation when procuring a fleet of expensive vehicles.

In a report from the Mvurwi Town Residents and Ratepayers Trust, Secretary Holy Matare accuses Minister Magomo, who assumed office after the August 2023 harmonized elections, of being dishonest and evasive in responding to queries from the trust.

However, Magomo denies the scandal allegations, stating, “I never received anything of that sort, and I do not entertain rogue media. There are no such circumstances in Mashonaland Central.”

Matare’s criticism underscores concerns about resource allocation prioritization by Mvurwi’s council executives, emphasizing the importance of directing funds toward essential town services and amenities for development.

Residents discovered the council’s purchase of cars for department heads without consultation or notification, violating residents’ rights and constitutional provisions, according to Matare.

Citing Section 194(e) of the Constitution, which mandates timely response to people’s needs, and Subsection (h) emphasizing fostering transparency through accessible information, Matare questions the lack of transparency and resident engagement in decision-making processes.

Matare also raises concerns about excessive spending on workshops by council executives, diverting resources from essential developmental projects.

Residents further question the choice of expensive vehicles, estimating the total cost at around US$700,000, and express disappointment over the Minister’s lack of response to their concerns.