Zanu-PF Bigwigs Linked to Shady Council Deals

May 19, 2024
Chinamasa 2023 election | Report Focus News
Patrick Chinamasa

Top Zanu-PF officials allegedly benefited from opaque land deals in Manicaland’s Makoni district, leading to the suspension of some top council officials. Former Finance Minister Patrick Chinamasa, Zanu-PF’s treasurer, protested the suspension of two top Makoni Rural District Council (RDC) officials for obstructing a government land audit in the district. The suspended officials, Makoni RDC chairperson David Guy Mutasa and chief executive officer Edward Pise, are known allies of Chinamasa. Pise had served the local municipality for over 30 years.

Former Local Government Minister Winston Chitando suspended Mutasa and Pise after dispatching an investigation team to look into land corruption in Nyazura. The team faced resistance from the duo, resulting in their suspension. Allegations suggest that Mutasa and Pise were involved in land theft in collaboration with top Zanu-PF officials.

Chinamasa recently wrote to Local Government Minister Daniel Garwe to protest the suspension of his allies. Sources indicate that Garwe approved the suspension of the Makoni RDC officials, pending further investigations. Chinamasa’s complaint raised suspicions as reports emerged that he allegedly benefited from the opaque land deals in Makoni. Council officials claimed that a named Zanu-PF politburo member also gained significantly from the duo’s corruption.