Zimbabwe Police Refute Claims of Uniform Shortage Ahead of Independence Day Parades

April 16, 2024
| Report Focus News

HARARE — The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) has addressed concerns surrounding a reported shortage of uniforms among junior officers ahead of this year’s Independence Day celebrations. Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi, Senior Staff Officer for Press and Public Relations, categorically denied these allegations in a statement released Tuesday, April 16.

Reports had surfaced indicating some junior officers were wearing mismatched attire during parade inspections as a form of protest against what they described as a critical lack of uniforms. However, Asst. Comm. Nyathi dismissed these claims as unfounded and accused certain officers of spreading misinformation to advance a specific agenda.

In his statement, Nyathi emphasized that all police officers scheduled to participate in the 2024 Independence Day parades at both national and provincial levels are adequately equipped with new uniforms. He stressed the importance of uniformity and discipline within the ranks, stating that officers will adhere to a specific dress order mandated by their commanding officers.

The Assistant Commissioner also took the opportunity to caution journalists against being manipulated by what he referred to as “rogue officers” who use social media platforms and some media outlets to disseminate false information. He asserted that the ZRP remains prepared to furnish the media with the names of all participating members and details of the issued uniforms to ensure transparency.

Nyathi’s statement aims to quell the unrest and maintain the integrity of the police force’s appearance and operational effectiveness during one of the nation’s most ceremonial occasions.