Vice-President Chiwenga Calls for Active Fatherhood at Men’s Congress

April 6, 2024
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Vice President Chiwenga

At the Roman Catholic Church Men’s St Joseph’s Guild National Congress in Bulawayo, Vice-President Constantino Chiwenga urged men to transcend mere financial support and actively engage in their children’s upbringing. He emphasized the critical role of fathers in shouldering greater responsibility for their families, including imparting essential moral values to their children.

The congress, themed “Expand the Space of Your Tent,” convened hundreds of Catholic men to deliberate on a wide array of social and spiritual issues impacting society. As a Catholic himself, Vice-President Chiwenga served as a special guest, underlining the imperative for men to take a more proactive role in the family structure.

Vice President, Dr Constantino Chiwenga attended the St Joseph’s Guild National Congress in Bulawayo. The congress brings together men from the Roman Catholic Church after every four years.

“As fathers in our families, we are heads of our households and have responsibilities to fend for, care, love, and be available for our families. You cannot just care, fend, or love and not be available for them,” stated Vice-President Chiwenga. He emphasized the necessity of fathers being emotionally present and actively participating in the lives of their children, beyond the provision of material possessions.

Furthermore, Vice-President Chiwenga called for a concerted effort to combat domestic violence, urging men to prioritize the well-being of their children and spouses. He emphasized the importance of maintaining close familial ties and fostering an environment of love and respect within households.

During the congress, attendees deliberated on various strategies to address societal challenges, including the high divorce rates and absentee parenting prevalent in modern society. Archbishop Alex Thomas highlighted the detrimental effects of absentee parenting, asserting that children require both spiritual and emotional support from their fathers.

“We have many absent parents, a child needs spiritual and emotional support and indeed material support. A child who does not get direct personal care of a father actually becomes rebellious and a misfit in society, and we see that in our youth,” noted Archbishop Alex Thomas.

The discussions also delved into the global context, with Vice-President Chiwenga expressing concern over the impact of conflicts on families worldwide. He called for solidarity with those affected by conflicts, urging prayers for peace and stability in war-torn regions.

Overall, the congress served as a platform for reflection and dialogue on the importance of active fatherhood and its broader implications for family and societal well-being. Through collective efforts and renewed commitment, attendees aimed to strengthen family bonds and promote positive social change.