A Vision for a Unified Continent: The Borderless Africa Campaign Gains Momentum

March 21, 2024
A Vision for a Unified Continent The Borderless Africa Campaign Gains Momentum | Report Focus News
A Vision for a Unified Continent: The Borderless Africa Campaign Gains Momentum

In an ambitious push towards a continent without borders, the Borderless Africa campaign, spearheaded by Africans Rising along with its partners, is making significant strides. This movement is not just a dream but a burgeoning reality, with a landmark event on the horizon: a three-day convening in Lusaka, Zambia, scheduled for 23 to 25 May 2024.

The campaign traces its roots back to the All African Movements Assembly held in Arusha, Tanzania, from 29 to 31 August 2022. This gathering brought together over 600 members from across the African continent and the diaspora, including Pan-African social movements, activists, human rights defenders, and key stakeholders from 55 countries. It was here that the Borderless Africa Free Movement Campaign was born, a decentralised, people-owned initiative aiming for the free movement of African people and goods across Africa.

Africans Rising is set to host a hybrid conference in Lusaka, Zambia, marking a pivotal moment in the campaign. This conference aims to unite campaigners and stakeholders from across the continent and beyond, facilitating a platform for dialogue, strategy development, and shared experiences. The event will focus on critical discussions around the ratification and enforcement of the African Union (AU) protocol on the free movement of people, the benefits of abolishing visas in Africa, and strategies for achieving these goals.

Highlighting the hybrid nature of the convening, Africans Rising emphasises the importance of inclusivity, allowing for both physical and online participation. This approach ensures that Africans, regardless of their location, can contribute to and engage with the campaign’s objectives. The convening will feature a mix of discussions, breakout sessions, storytelling, and a continental call to action, culminating in a mammoth march advocating for free movement, one currency, and one passport.

Participants at the convening, both on-site and online, will have the opportunity to sign the Borderless Africa petition. This petition represents a collective call to African governments to ensure the free movement of people and goods across the continent, a step seen as crucial for trade, integration, and development.

The Borderless Africa Campaign is more than an event; it’s a movement towards an Africa where its citizens can move freely, promoting better trade and integration. By encouraging more countries to ratify the AU’s Protocol on Free Movement of People, Africans Rising and its partners are laying the groundwork for a continent unified in its diversity.

Prince Akpah, Engagement and Collaboration Officer at Africans Rising, expresses optimism for the convening, viewing it as a critical opportunity to bring together diverse voices and visions for a Borderless Africa. As this campaign continues to gather momentum, it represents a hopeful vision for the continent’s future, one where borders no longer serve as barriers to unity, development, and prosperity.