Norman Mapeza Named Interim Coach for Zimbabwe’s National Football Team

March 12, 2024
Norman Mapeza | Report Focus News
Norman Mapeza Named Interim Coach for Zimbabwe's National Football Team

In a significant development for Zimbabwean football, the Zimbabwe Football Association (ZIFA) has announced the appointment of Norman Mapeza as the interim head coach for the national team. Mapeza will lead the Warriors in the upcoming four-nation tournament scheduled to be held in Malawi from March 18-26, which will also feature the host nation, Kenya, and Zambia.

Norman Mapeza, whose coaching acumen has been widely acknowledged in football circles, will be at the helm as the team seeks to navigate through the challenges of international competition. His extensive experience is expected to be a valuable asset for the team in this period of transition and growth.

Assisting Mapeza will be Takesure Chiragwi, the esteemed head coach of Ngezi Platinum Stars, who brings his own strategic insight and expertise to the team’s robust coaching lineup. This collaboration marks a concerted effort by ZIFA to provide the Warriors with the leadership and direction needed to excel on the field.

The interim appointment of Mapeza comes at a crucial time when the national team is gearing up to face their counterparts in a tournament that will test their skills and teamwork. With a new coaching dynamic at the forefront, the Zimbabwean team is looking to make a significant impact and emerge as a formidable force in the region.

The tournament promises to be a thrilling showcase of African football talent, and under the guidance of Mapeza and Chiragwi, the Zimbabwean national team is poised to make a strong statement. The hashtag #Bayawabaya, which has been trending in support of the team, encapsulates the spirit and determination that the Warriors are set to bring to the competition.

Fans across the nation and beyond are eagerly anticipating the performance of the team under the new interim coach, as they rally behind the Warriors in a united front of support. With Norman Mapeza at the wheel, the journey ahead for Zimbabwean football looks promising.