A Meeting with Paul Mwazha

March 2, 2024
Paul Mwazha of Africa | Report Focus News
Paul Mwazha of Africa

As the editor of Report Focus News, and my previous roles as Christian columnist/journalist, I’ve had the privilege of meeting various church leaders over the years. However, one encounter that stands out vividly in my memory is my meeting with Paul Mwazha, leader of the African Apostolic Church.

Meeting Mwazha

It was over 10 years ago in Makonde out in the bush at what they called a (Gumhano) Easter meeting there were over 65 thousand congregants in attendance.

Indeed, my meeting with Paul Mwazha was not just memorable; it was downright fascinating. Our conversation revealed insights not only into his persona but also shed light on the inner workings of the church he leads.

From the moment I sat down with him, I was struck by Mwazha’s humility and wisdom. Despite his exalted position, he exuded a sense of approachability and warmth that immediately put me at ease.

As we delved into conversation, I learned that the African Apostolic Church, often misunderstood and misrepresented, is deeply rooted in biblical principles.

Contrary to popular misconceptions, the church emphasizes monogamy and eschews the practice of tithing, opting instead to encourage members to prioritize family and community support.

Beyond his role as a religious leader, Mwazha revealed himself to be a devoted family man. His commitment to nurturing relationships within his family and his dedication to fostering a sense of equality and mutual respect left a lasting impression on me.

Our encounter also shed light on Mwazha’s steadfastness in simplicity. Despite the trappings of his position, he lives a modest life, prioritizing spiritual nourishment over material wealth. His dedication to education and his unwavering faith serve as a testament to his resilience and unwavering commitment to divine purpose.

The African Apostolic church was the first black lead church to be officially registered in the then Southern Rhodesia. Today in the current Zimbabwe it remains a church that’s breaking stereotypes and staying true to the Bible.

The African Apostolic Church, led by Archbishop Paul Mwazha, is still one of the biggest churches in Zimbabwe.

Not all white garment churches are the same

And yes, you might have heard misconceptions about white garment churches, but this one is different.

First off, they’re all about the Bible. Some people think white garment churches don’t read the Bible, but the African Apostolic Church is grounded in scripture. And while some assume all white garment churches are okay with polygamy, this church believes in one man, one wife.

Here’s something else that might surprise you: they don’t do tithing. Instead of asking for money, Bishop Mwazha encourages his followers to take care of their families and help others in need.

On Saturdays, they worship – kind of like the Seventh-day Adventists. But what sets them apart is how they dress. Men wear long-sleeved shirts and trousers in plain colors, while women dress modestly with head coverings.

Bishop Mwazha, born in 1918, leads with humility and dedication. Despite the stereotypes, his church stands out for its simple faith and commitment to traditional values.

So, next time you hear about the African Apostolic Church, remember: they’re all about the Bible, they believe in one spouse, they don’t do tithing, and they worship on Saturdays. It’s a church that’s breaking stereotypes and staying true to its roots.

Indeed, my meeting with Paul Mwazha was not just an opportunity to engage with a prominent religious figure; it was a journey of discovery that offered profound insights into faith, family, and the enduring power of spiritual conviction. As I reflect on our conversation, I am reminded of the importance of humility, authenticity, and unwavering faith in navigating life’s complexities.