Harare Journalist Accuses Wicknell Chivayo of Cyberbullying and Sexual Harassment

February 19, 2024
Wicknell Chivayo And Journalist | Report Focus News
Wicknell Chivayo And Journalist

In a distressing development from Harare, Rutendo Maraire, a female journalist, has lodged a formal complaint against businessman Wicknell Chivayo, alleging cyberbullying and sexual harassment. Maraire, an intern with Sources Media, an online publication, has been thrust into the spotlight following a contentious exchange with Chivayo.

The controversy erupted over inquiries Maraire made regarding the legitimacy of luxury vehicles Chivayo gifted to musicians, questioning if they had been duly cleared with the necessary duties by the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (Zimra). Leaked WhatsApp messages have since surfaced, showcasing Chivayo’s derogatory responses, including calling Maraire “a very stupid person” and threatening legal action to make her life “miserable.”

Chivayo’s aggressive stance comes after Maraire’s investigation into his connections with political figures and the legality of his car imports. Despite denying authorship of any defamatory article, Maraire faces unwarranted accusations and threats from Chivayo, who has ties to Zimbabwe’s political elite.

The situation escalated to Harare Central Police Station on November 23 last year, where Maraire filed a report under IR 111755, with Detective Denford Muchandibaya assigned to the case. However, progress has been sluggish, with the case now referred to the police general headquarters, leaving Maraire anxious and considering a career change due to the ordeal.

Chivayo, unrepentant, defends his actions, threatening further legal entanglements and personal attacks on Maraire. Sources Media has since issued a statement supporting Maraire, clarifying she did not author the controversial article, and condemning Chivayo’s behavior as well as the lackluster police response.

The case highlights the pressing issue of harassment against journalists and the need for thorough investigations. National police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi confirmed the ongoing investigation, emphasizing the wait for pertinent information from government bodies to proceed.

This incident underlines the challenges journalists face, especially when questioning powerful individuals, and calls for a stronger stance against harassment to protect press freedom and integrity.