BREAKING NEWS : Wicknell Chivayo Out Of Jail

December 11, 2017
| Report Focus News

Flamboyant businessman Wicknell Chivayo, who was picked up by officers from Serious Fraud Squad at his residence yesterday morning has been freed.

Chivayo took to social media on instagram beaming in a LIVE video where he seems to be boasting about his latest jail escapade, his popularity and saying, ” I think I should run for President.”

“You make a $100 million usina kuvengwa nevanhu like this,” brags Chivayo.

Reports indicate that Chivayo’s company, Intratek Zimbabwe, was awarded a $200 million USD tender by Zimbabwe’s power utility company ZESA.

Chivayo was also awarded a further $73 million for the refurbishment of the Harare Power Station, $163 million for the restoration of the Munyati Power Station, and $248 million for the Gairezi Power project by the Zimbabwe Power Company (ZPC) — a subsidiary of Zesa Holdings.

An advance payment of $5 million was made to Chivayo for the Gwanda Solar project’s pre-commencement works, despite him not providing a performance guarantee as required by law.

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