Dispute Over CCC Leadership Erupts as Sengezo Tshabangu Claims Sole Authority for Recalls

January 17, 2024
tshabangu | Report Focus News
Sengezo Tshabangu

In a recent development within the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC), Sengezo Tshabangu, the contested Interim Secretary General of the party, has sent a letter to Winston Chitando, the official from the Local Government, Public Works, and National Housing, asserting his exclusive authority to carry out recalls of CCC officials. The dispute comes amid reports of internal tensions within the party and the firing of Harare Mayor Jacob Mafume and other councillors allegedly tied to Tshabangu.

The letter, dated January 12, 2024, was obtained by sources, revealing Tshabangu’s insistence that he is the only party official authorized to initiate recalls. The communication emphasizes that no other individual within the CCC possesses the authorization to recall party members.

In response to the letter, a spokesperson for the CCC issued a statement, citing a High Court provisional order (case number HH652/23) that interdicts Tshabangu from making further recalls until the resolution of the ongoing legal challenges to his authority. The statement reinforces that Tshabangu’s powers to effect recalls are currently suspended by the court order.

“We hereby advise that Sengezo Tshabangu, the Interim Secretary General of the Party, is the only officer authorized to effect recalls and to communicate with public bodies for that purpose in terms of our party constitution previously lodged with your office,” the letter to Winston Chitando states.

The CCC’s statement urges public bodies, including those within Chitando’s jurisdiction, to consider the legal proceedings before acting on any purported letters of recall. The party requests that such efforts be disregarded, emphasizing that Tshabangu’s authority is subject to ongoing legal challenges.

This development adds another layer of complexity to the internal struggles within the CCC, as reports circulate that Nelson Chamisa, the leader of the party, has allegedly dismissed Harare Mayor Jacob Mafume and other councillors due to their purported allegiance to Tshabangu. The situation raises questions about the stability and unity of the CCC as it navigates internal power dynamics and legal challenges. The Report Focus News will continue to monitor and report on developments within the Citizens Coalition for Change as the situation unfolds.