Harare Becomes Epicenter in Zimbabwe’s Cholera Outbreak with Rising Cases and Deaths

November 27, 2023
Zimbabwe's Cholera Outbreak | Report Focus News

In a concerning development, the latest data released by Zimbabwe’s Ministry of Health and Child Care has revealed that Harare, the nation’s capital, has become the epicenter of the ongoing cholera outbreak.

On Saturday, Harare reported a significant rise in suspected cholera cases, with 93 new instances, surpassing the total national count of 129 for the day. This surge has positioned Harare ahead of the southeastern province of Manicaland in terms of cases.

Since the outbreak began in February, Harare has witnessed a worrying accumulation of 2,997 suspected cases, alongside 227 confirmed cases and 13 reported deaths due to cholera. Contradicting this report, Harare City Council spokesperson Stanley Gama earlier stated on Thursday that the city had experienced 15 deaths related to the outbreak, indicating a possible underreporting in official figures.

In response to the escalating crisis, the government has instructed the Harare City Council to undertake immediate measures. One key directive involves the removal of illegal vendors from city streets, a move aimed at reducing the spread of the water-borne disease. Cholera, known for its rapid transmission through contaminated food or water, poses a significant threat in Zimbabwe, exacerbated by inadequate sanitation infrastructure and limited access to clean water.

As the situation stands as of November 25, the entire country is grappling with the outbreak. Across Zimbabwe’s ten provinces, there have been 9,078 suspected cholera cases, 1,337 confirmed cases, and a distressing tally of 53 confirmed and 156 suspected deaths, as per the official records. The government and health authorities are intensifying efforts to control the outbreak and mitigate its impact on the population.